Friday, December 28, 2012

Artist Motherboard on Pinterest: 212 in 2012

How about that: at the end of 2012... 212 people are following the Artist Motherboard!
You remember the Artist Motherboard: a spot on Pinterest specifically for artists who are also mothers, to encourage each other by sharing their inspirations and creations.
In November 2012 it was just a wee thing known to only six people besides me: Aimee Dolich, Nancy O, Emily Cline, Catherine Witherell and Jill K. Berry. Now 26 artists contribute art, ideas and encouragement!
Here's what some of the contributors are up to:

And I'm planning my first solo art exhibit for May 2013! Next week, I'll give you a peek at a new artwork that will be in my show. Hint hint: it's one that was a work-in-progress pin on the Motherboard.

If you're an artist and a mother, join us -- leave a comment on one of the Artist Motherboard pins so we know how to find you!


Tracey Fletcher King said...

great post... it is wonderful to be part of the board and I can't wait to connect with it more come 2013...xx

Lisa MB said...

Tracey,it's wonderful to have you pinning! I love seeing what you've chosen to draw and pin, especially since I haven't motivated to learn drawing yet. :o) The shoes drawing always makes me smile.